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Privacy policy 

Delivery policy and purchasing terms


Free delivery in Quebec under condition of $ 50 or more, exception Grand-Nord du Québec and the Îles-de-la-Madeleine where fees will apply. Limited time introductory offer


Allow 1-5 business days for receipt, depending on destination. If a delay should occur, we will contact you to make an arrangement.


Small delivery charges are applicable in other Canadian provinces.


Purchasing methods and payment methods


When you're ready to order, two (2) easy payment methods are available to you  :


  1. Online payment by credit card;

  2. Online payment by Paypal.


In order to pay by phone, please send an email to our customer service at info@simena . We will return your call promptly in order to proceed with the payment by telephone. Our office hours are Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm EST. The order will be processed and delivered after confirmation of payment only. You will receive a payment confirmation by email.

                                     Privacy Policy


Data collection and privacy


Although in no case Simena Entreprises Inc. is in possession of your bank account or credit card numbers, we must nonetheless obtain and use certain personal information such as: name, first name, address, postal code and telephone number. for administrative purposes and to carry out the ordering and delivery process. In any case, this information is disclosed and / or sold, rented, exchanged to a third party. The information collected may, however, be transferred in the context of a company buyout or merger, restructuring, sale of shares or a change of control within the company. The main objective of collecting personal information is above all to provide you with a personalized, efficient, secure and easy experience. For this purpose, some of your personal information is used to  :


  • Provide the services and customer service you request and demand;

  • Process your transactions and send you notices thereon;

  • Resolve disputes, collect fees and resolve issues;

  • Prevent potentially illegal or prohibited activities;

  • Personalize, evaluate and improve our services as well as the content and presentation of our website;

  • Send you promotional offers, service updates and targeted marketing presentations, according to your communication preferences.

  • Maintain a register of distribution, recall and any requirements and obligations related to sections 52 to 63 of Health Canada on the Medical Devices Regulations SOR / 98-282


Simena Entreprises Inc. reserves the right to use certain cookies like many other websites. This collection of data is for informational purposes only and allows us to analyze user trends of the www.simena site. We can therefore better understand the needs of consumers by collecting certain information about their browsing habits, such as the most visited pages or even the duration of the visit to our website. However, you are able to accept or reject some of the cookies at your discretion.


Typographical errors


Simena Entreprises Inc. is committed to having accurate information on its website. However in the event of a typographical error on our part or on the part of a supplier concerning the price of a model; Simena Entreprises Inc. reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order, whether or not it is confirmed. In the event of a payment accepted on a credit card, Simena Entreprises Inc. will immediately cancel the order and have the exact amount credited to the customer's credit card. Simena Entreprises Inc. is not responsible for any errors in the description or the availability of a model displayed on the site. Simena Entreprises Inc. cannot be held responsible for any typographical errors.

Governance and jurisdiction


This site is controlled by Simena Entreprises Inc. and its administrative offices located in the province of Quebec in Canada. Although this website can be accessed by people from other provinces and territories and therefore the whole world and knowing that the laws and regulations differ from province to province and from country to country. other; anyone who uses this website must comply with the regulations and legislation in the province of Quebec.


Navigation and use of the website


Any browsing or research on the Internet site offered to you by Simena Entreprises Inc. is done at the discretion and at the risk and peril of the Internet user. Any risk associated with browsing the Internet from the www.simena website is assumed by the Internet user. Simena Entreprise Inc. takes no responsibility for the risk of browsing through the different sections or sub-sections of the website. Simena Entreprises Inc. assumes no responsibility for the risks of damage, whether from the point of view of computer or electronic equipment, mental or physical. The search engines that can be found on this site are informative. In addition, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the information transmitted to us. Simena Entreprises Inc. assumes no responsibility for errors on the part of the Internet user, whether in terms of the merchandise purchased or information concerning delivery (address, postal code or telephone number).


Prevention of fraud and any fraudulent act


Simena Entreprises Inc. uses several methods to secure any information transmitted to the company. We ensure the security of any transaction using the methods recognized and offered by the company, namely Paypal and Stripe. We offer you all the standards and regulations that are guaranteed by this company. Paypal and Stripe store and process your personal information on computers in the United States and protect it with physical safeguards, electronic safeguards, and procedures in accordance with applicable laws. Paypal and Stripe use computer security systems such as firewalls and data encryption. In addition, Paypal controls access to its buildings and files and authorizes access to its information only to authorized persons who need it for their work. Simena Entreprises Inc. uses other fraud prevention methods by selecting and doing business only with the largest suppliers on the market. Simena Entreprises Inc. reserves the right to cancel any order or to restrict purchases and / or quantities ordered without giving any reason. Any order deemed fraudulent is liable to be refused by the staff of Simena Entreprises Inc. without any justification. In this case, the customer will be informed by email.


Protection of personal information


Simena Entreprises Inc. guarantees the security of your transaction through Paypal and Stripe. When you confirm your order, Simena Entreprises Inc. will automatically redirect you to a Paypal and / or Stripe page in order to enter your personal and confidential information. The result of this operation gives you peace of mind following your purchases knowing that none of your valuable information, such as bank account number or credit card number, ends up in the hands of an unwanted person. Indeed, Paypal and Stripe allow you to execute all transactions without ever having to disclose your account or credit card numbers to Simena Entreprises Inc.


All rights reserved and copyright


www.simen is a protected site to which belongs all content or any information found on this site. It is strictly illegal to attempt to change any information on this website. Any information or textual or graphic data is offered to you for information purposes by Simena Entreprises Inc. and is offered to you on the condition of respecting the integrity of the company and making use of it deemed responsible. Simena Entreprises Inc. and its logos are protected trademarks. All slogans, personalized logos and icons belong to Simena Entreprises Inc. and are sent to you for personal use only. Any use for commercial purposes is prohibited. Any modification of this website is prohibited unless there is a written agreement from the managers of Simena Entreprises Inc.


Return and Refund Policy


Exchangeable and refundable within 5 days of receipt.


No return or exchange on products, bathroom items as well as cushions, mattresses, gel or foam, compression stockings (Sigvaris) protection  individual (Hygienic Product)


Accepted only if the product is in its original packaging and in new condition for mobility items.


The customer will have to pay the transport costs and / or collection costs to return or exchange their item.


A 20% restocking, repackaging and inspection fee will apply if there is no exchange.


In the event of cancellation or refusal of an order (in the event that your item was already in transit or in delivery), the costs of transport and restocking will be at the expense of the customer as indicated in our standard return policy and will be considered as a return.


No return without an authorization number will be accepted. Send us an email at info@simena to obtain a return number.

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